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Mrs. Philippines International 2023 will compete in July Nationals

Filipina born and raised, American immigrant and Community Leader Yvonne Yngson-Gochangco, M.S.N., M.P.H., APRN, CRNA, the Founder of Promise Of Tomorrow Global Movement (an International outreach initiative providing support, school supplies and scholarships to underprivileged communities), reigning Mrs. Philippines International® 2023 and Santacruzan Queen Reyna Elena 2022 is competing in the International level pageant.

“The Mrs. International Competition has been developed to promote today's married women, their accomplishments, and commitment to family and marriage. Around the world women are finding this system to be the opportunity to work with their husband and family to become positive role models. Being the premiere pageant for married women has given Mrs. International® a chance to open doors for married women around the world. The exciting events and activities leading up to the Pageant begin on July 17, 2023. The event will give each contestant the opportunity to learn about customs and family life in other countries, along with the chance to share her beliefs and make new friends during the entire week of activities leading up to two exciting evenings of competition.” (Source: The Mrs. International® website)

The Mrs. International® Preliminary and Grand Finals is happening on July 21 and 22, 2023 at MeadowView Conference Resort & Convention Center (1901 Meadowview ParkwayKingsport, TN 37660 U.S.A.). The event will be livestreamed all over the world as Title Holders from various American States as well as participating countries compete for the coveted Mrs. International® crown.

Yvonne was born in Iloilo City and is the eldest daughter of Mr. Teddy Divinagracia Yngson who is a businessman, and Mrs. Cecilia Ylmido Yngson, a retired Professor of 17 years at Iloilo Doctor’s College. Yvonne has two younger sibblings, Yundee Yngson and Mar Yluchi Yngson who are both successfully working in the medical field.

Yvonne currently resides in Frisco, Texas. She has been married to Jojo for over 24 years, and together they have raised three adult children who all graduated with high honors and cum laude distinctions in their various chosen fields of education. Yvonne is a graduate of Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Nurse Anesthesia Program in North Carolina in 2009. She made a career that is incredibly fulfilling that allows her to be of service for more than 15 years to thousands of sick patients across the State of Texas, as a Nurse Anesthesiologist. She attained her BSN degree from St. Paul University in Iloilo City in 1992 (Ancilla Domini ‘92) and Masters Degree in Public Health in The University of Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City Philippines in 2000! She then proceeded to open her own Review Center called “MYG Power Speech Center”, to help train Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates to master vocal poise and successfully pass the TWE (Test of Written English), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and TSE (Test of Spoken English) where she successfully achieved a rare perfect score on the exam! She traveled all over the Philippines as a Nursing Board Exam Reviewer for years on, encouraging and supporting Philippine nurses pass the nursing board exam, before finally deciding to migrate to the USA, and attain her Master’s Degree in Anesthesiology.

Yvonne was an extremely active Student Leader and civic organizer, giving herself back in the impoverished communities in Iloilo Province during her youthful and academic years. Specializing in event organization, she prides herself in her speaking and writing prowess to make an impact to the entire academic community and bring forth activities that would allow campaigns to reach the poor, and the underprivileged while assisting and supporting the underserved communities through raising awareness about the situation of the poorest of the poor, doing community feeding projects, educational and teaching events, fund-raising events and many more! Yvonne has always been a prolific writer, speaker and lecturer since the age of 12; where she was the literary Editor of the University of Philippines in the Visayas school paper, “The Kasanag” (The Light).

Yvonne was exposed to the stage at a very young age, and had extensive experience as Iloilo City’s Debater, Orator, theater arts performer, dancer, stage actress, stage director and script writer… among others! While inducing coma for a living (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist) is her current profession, Yvonne’s passion was always dedicated to playing a role in our communities to create a better change within herself and others, by engaging in community activities and humanitarian cause.

As an active servant leader in the local community, she has helped partner organizations raise over $88K in 2022 alone. During the 10th year gala of the Hiligaynon Community Texas, she and her sons hosted a charity event raising more than $25K for the benefit of underprivileged students and building of libraries in fragile communities. She was chosen by The Santacruzan Charity Organization to represent the Filipino culture and heritage as ‘Reyna Elena’ during the very first Santacruzan in Texas. The prestigious Title of Santacruzan Queen or ‘Reyna Elena’ is awarded to a deserving woman who represents the highest honor, leadership qualities, community service and a heart for her people. She believes that by leading community projects and raising funds in order to support and provide educational resources to underprivileged students, their chances of achieving their dreams and hopes for happiness and a dignified life will be at a level playing ground against others! Empasizing that, “Unless a woman becomes part of a cause far larger than herself, she is never truly whole!” Yvonne’s belief is dedicated to each individual’s commitment to the persistent and continuing development of knowledge, behavior and skills that people experience during and after formal education as well as throughout the rest of their lives!

In 2022, she officially founded the Promise of Tomorrow Global Movement, which is an international outreach initiative dedicated to ending educational inequities and unleashing the potential of future generations. This outreach has been ongoing for the last decade and has impacted over 1,000 vulnerable children cummulatively.

The movement’s mission is to level the playing field in global education, one promise, one student, one community at a time! The plan of action includes conducting community outreach activity 3 x A year, providing the 3 S’s: Support, School Supplies & Scholarships to underprivileged students. She hopes that by joining The Mrs. International® Pageant Competition, her voice and advocacy will echo in the hearts of all mankind. May she serve as an inspiration to others, and remind them that kindness and love for humanity is the most precious gift to mankind.

She hopes that her life story will serve as an inspiration to all the children of the world… That one must forge a path to reach the dream that God has placed in his or her heart. That through persistence, hardwork, determination and strong will, your dream can come true!

Mrs. Philippines International® 2023 wants to give back to the local, state and international community by nurturing her partnerships with nine other non-profit organizations and dedicating herself on community projects that would help student scholars and schoolage children accomplish their educational goals, fulfilling her namesake, as “The Champion of Underprivileged Students!” Supporting many partner non-profit organizations: Raising Hearts Foundation Kenya, Save The Children Foundation, Hunger Free Philippines, Tulong Foundation, Pasos For Oakcliff Texas, Child Watch Program, The Hiligaynon Community Texas, Operation Care International, Delciano Foundation, The Pamana Foundation and Share Kindness Project.

Yvonne competed in her very first pageant last March 3-5, 2023 at the State Level Texas International® Pageant competition where she took home all seven out of eight awards! (Two Major Awards including Best in Interview and Best in Evening Gown); The Social Media Ambassador and Influencer Award, The Best In Marketing Award, The Congeniality Award, The Best in Marriage Award, and The People’s Choice Award! Yvonne won First Runner-Up in the Texas International Pageant!



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