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The Heart Story

My Heart Story: Growing up in a developing country such as the Philippines, I and many of my peers experienced profound inadequacy in educational support, learning materials and school resources that hindered many of us from graduating College. The lack of resources resulted in discouragement, disappointment and desperation leading some to quit school. But because my grandmother (we call her Lola) believed in the importance of getting an education, she used all of her connections and efforts to help me secure scholarships, necessary funds and learning materials to allow me to succeed in education! By providing me with the things that I needed to succeed in school, it also increased my morale and confidence to be able to pursue my goals.

As a result, my struggles and experience led me to strongly advocate for the provision of educational resources and assistance to underprivileged students in underserved communities. My passion lies in raising funds to provide the necessary materials they need both inside and outside the classroom, as well as promoting emotional relief in the hopes that it will inspire and encourage them to do their best in school. This includes the provision of books, clothes, shoes, learning materials, school supplies, clean water and nutritious food.

My Platform: ‘Level The Playing Field in Education’ - Fundraising campaign for the provision of educational resources such as school supplies, textbooks, scholarships, and support for underprivileged students especially in underserved communities.

My Legacy Project: The creation of “How To Successfully Organize Charity Gala” which is an instructional manual delineating the key steps and methodologies on how to plan, organize and effectively implement a Charity Gala Event with net profits of at least 60%.

My Mission-Vision: To create a legacy project in the form of an Instructional Manual; that will enable other people and organizations to effectively raise funds by following my strategic steps on how to successfully plan, organize and implement a Charity Gala in a breeze!



"Where there is a dream, there is a way"- Unknown.

This quote matters to me because it perfectly defines what drives my passion and desires. Click the button below to read more about who I am and why I believe this! 

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