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The Mrs. International® Pageant

  • Beginning 30 years ago, The Mrs. International® was developed to have higher standards than other pageant systems.

  • The focus behind Mrs. International® is to showcase and celebrate the accomplishments of married women 21 to 56 years old.

  • The Mrs. International® Competition has been developed to promote today's married women, their accomplishments, and commitment to family and marriage.

  • Being the premiere pageant for married women, Mrs. International® has offered a chance to open doors for married women around the world.

Did you know, that 'The Mrs. International® Pageant' began in 1988 and was actually held in Dallas, Texas and that the first ever crowned Mrs. International® was Mrs. Rhonda Berglan from Oklahoma?!

The Mrs. International® Pageant system celebrated its 34th year last July

I chose to join the prestigious International® Pageant System (and Texas International) because I believe that this organization best fits my personal philosophy regarding substance and beauty, and where my strength in competition lies

Heavy on their focus on a candidate’s platform and advocacy, I am thrilled to be given the frontstage and a year’s reign to shed light on what I am most passionate about!

I am grateful to The Texas International® Pageant System and the Mrs. International® Pageant Organization for selecting me to be Mrs. Dallas International® 2023!



"Where there is a dream, there is a way"- Unknown.

This quote matters to me because it perfectly defines what drives my passion and desires. Click the button below to read more about who I am and why I believe this! 

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